Queen of the Damned


I know, the vampire movie-era is mostly anticipated by young girls, deeply in love with the shiny-twilight-bullshit. But how many of you have seen Queen of the Damned? For those who didn’t – quick review.

The film was released on February 22, 2002 and is based on the novel The Queen of the Damned, third book of The Vampire Chronicles series, written by Anne Rice. 

The main character – Lestat – is a hundred and something year old vampire, who wants to be a rockstar. He finds 4 young goths and with a charm and irresistible look (he also reveals his secret identity, to be in the center of attention) he accomplishes his goal. In the meantime – Jesse – the cute British redhead is trying to get to know Lestat, thankfully, she’s working for Talamsca (secret society set up to watch over and keep track of the paranormal, in particular,witchesspiritswerewolves and vampires. Rice describes them as “psychic detectives”). But what’s a great movie without a threesome? Akasha – queen of all damned – she’s into Lestat, obviously. Long story short: both ladies die, one literally, but there’s a happy ending.

Despite the fact, that’s more of a romantic thriller than a horror, the soundtrack is amazing! Just take a look:

01 Not meant for Me – Wayne Static
02 Forsaken – David Draiman
03 System – Chester Bennington
04 Change (In the House of Flies) – Deftones
05 Redeemer – Marilyn Manson
06 Dead Cell – Papa Roach
07 Penetrate – Godhead
08 Slept so long – Jay Gordon
09 Down with the Sickness – Disturbed
10 Cold – Static-X
11 Headstrong – Earshot
12 Body crumbles – Dry Cell
13 Excess – Tricky
14 Before I’m Dead – KidneyThieves

All songs for Lestats band were written and performed by Jonathan Davis from Korn and Richard Gibbs, but they must have been re-recorded because of Davis’ commitment to Sony BMG at the time. On the official soundtrack appear:  Wayne Static (Static-X)David Draiman (Disturbed)Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)Marilyn Manson and Jay Gordon (Orgy).

2 thoughts on “Queen of the Damned

  1. I loved this film and the music was brilliant. Funnily enough the author told me that she didn’t want this film made, she hated the script.
    I love the thought of Lestat as a rock star and as a Goth it was great to have a vampire walking around in my genre…

    1. I loved it as well, it wasn’t just another Teen-Vampire-Drama-Shit we are experiencing right now. And let me tell you, I love vampire stories. Especially with such amazing music filling the background.

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