Avril Lavigne “Hello Kitty”


I usually leave songs of a shitty kind alone and just bury them deep into my memory (like “Let me take a selfie”), but this time I have to make a statement.

For all those of you, who remembers Avril Lavigne as a rebellious young woman with meaningful songs, well, she’s different now. And I’m not talking about her appearance. Her latest song, called “Hello Kitty” is a mix of pop and light dubstep. And if the title wasn’t enough and you still want to watch the video, well, brace yourselves. Lyrics are pretty dumb, as for the video, Avril is acting like a stereotypical Kawaii-girl, there’s pink everywhere. It’s kinda like Gwen Stefanis video for “What you waiting for”, with four Japanese girls, but is in other category of music videos. It’s bad, like really bad. I still can’t believe I actually watched it.

For those of you, who will watch it – hope you’ll recover soon, and for those, who don’t – it’s nothing you can’t live without.

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