Being an Echelon


Defining ourselves is more like a fashion label than just a fun idea of spending time, trying to figure out, who we are. Same is with telling others what kind of music/bands you are listening to. There are many fandoms, probably as many as there are bands/artists in the world. Each and every is different, but there is one I relate to and am not ashamed to say it.

I am the Echelon. Yes. For those, who don’t really know what an Echelon means, there are two meanings for this particular word. We are not talking about the military system of control, but the huge group of people around the world, and I mean huge. It’s more than just a fandom, it’s a beautiful family I am a part of since 2005.

This band literally saved my life with their song “The Kill”. It wasn’t like it was the No 1 on MTVs charts or something. I was growing up in Poland, we haven’t had MTV in our basic package of TV programs. We haven’t had anything music related at the time. Thankfully I had internet connection and the brand new youtube. It was a hard year for me, at the time I was suicidal and Mars really helped me get through it. Don’t get me wrong, I was a huge fan of Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson and some other bands at the time. But none seemed to be the right medicine for me.

When I found Mars I was starting to heal and after 9 years I am a better and stronger person. I love each and every Echelon on this beautiful planet Earth, cause we are connected in the very special way.

As for my tribute for the Echelon and Mars, here is a photo of my brand new ink:


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