Morgan Joanel


Going back to 2011 I remember getting to know this extraordinary girl from Australia. At first I followed her fashion blog, thinking it will be just an inspiration (I really like her style and it was not yet the time, when all the girls were fashion bloggers). We started to be friends on Facebook and I got the chance to see everything she’s done. She’s not just a fashion freak, she’s a musician, a great one I might add.

Here’s how she’s introducing herself

I’m a singer and musician first up and since I’ve been on this journey I’ve been lucky enough to get into fashion design and explore my love of art.
I grew up in Perth, Western Australia but now live in Sydney.
I play lots of live gigs and have some music on iTunes.

Morgan released her latest single called Fire just a week ago, so I’ve decided to introduce her art to you. Her music is clear and calm, her voice powerful, inspiring, beautiful.


Here you can find Morgans official site:


You can find her music on iTunes and Bandcamp:

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You can find and follow her on all the social media:





I’m leaving you with Morgans great music (I fell in love with her Devil’s in the details music video).



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