Bring Me the Horizon “That’s the Spirit”

On 11 September 2015 (in just one week!) Bring Me the Horizon will release their fifth album That’s the Spirit. Who’s excited? I know I am!


As many of you probably remember, in late 2014 the band released Drown, a single and music video so controversial, that it started a internet riot. Some were happy to hear some new stuff, some were disappointed, because of the less aggressive rock style the band chose for both singles Drown and Don’t Look Down. As for me, it was a sign of change, it was just a teaser, a good one I might add.


The teasing began on 5 July 2015, when the band released a very first video of the rainy umbrella:

A week later BMTH released the first new track called Happy Song to promote the upcoming album July 13.

No more then two weeks later, the band released the official single, Throne, alongside a music video, very powerful lyrics and catchy sound, it was an obvious and great choice.

True Friends, the third track and the official lyric video premiered on 22 August.

Here’s the complete track listing for That’ the Spirit:


You can find some official merchandise on BMTH official:


As well as on horizonsupply:

horizon supplies

Not satisfied? You can find 30 second previews of all tracks on Spotify.


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