Biffy Clyro

October 25th 2016 will be a memorable day for me, mainly because of a long awaited live act I was dreaming of since 2010. I’m talking about Biffy fucking Clyro.


I once said Biffy’s music was a huge part of my life, in good and bad times. Yesterday was one of those times. A particularly bad day ended with a perfect raise of heart and mind. Not to mention a sour throat and pain in the back and legs. But it was definitely the best live act I’ve seen.


The concert wasn’t sold out, there were maybe 2000 people, stage was placed fairly close to the entrance, the concert itself was streamed for those, who were unable to come, but I have to say, I wouldn’t trade it for nothing else. Their energy wasn’t different from what I saw on YouTube, as Biffy were performing on Reading or T in the Park. They played like there was not tomorrow, literally. During “Medicine” my heart stopped for a second, I tried not to cry, sometimes I’m such a looser…

A typical concert lasts around 60-90 minutes. Biffy were playing almost 2 hours. They came on time, they weren’t ashamed of making mistakes on stage, they entertained the audience. The first thing I had in my mind leaving the arena was “they are bunch of fucking mental lads”, in a very positive way.


More pictures: Go Ahead


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