MØ “Drum”

On November 11 MØ posted a video, directed to her fans in Canada and US. Bad news is, she needs to postpone the tour till next year. Good news is, she’s taking the time to finish the album.

MØ didn’t stay silent for long thou, she posted a first teaser for her new music video just hours after the announcement. Three video-teasers later, November 17, MØ released the new colorful video. It starts with a message:

At first it’s piercing
Nitrous oxide, pure nature
You wanna stay up forever
But nothing in this world is yours to keep.

I’ve read somewhere, drum video is making the viewers miss summer. It’s an old metaphor for love, quick, unpredictable, ending with the last sundown.


The song is light, kinda filling with hope after a break up. Not a typical revenge break up song thou. But I like it either way.


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