You me at six “Night people”

If you ask me, what kind of songs I like the most, it’s definitely revenge songs. Second place have post-breakup songs. We’ve all been there. Not only after a break up, since everyone has at least one person they don’t like or had a so called beef with. There are plenty of great songs to get in the revenge mood and just let it all go. One day I will do my 10 ten compilation, but today I want to write about songs, that helped me overcome my recent problem. Broken heart, humiliation, losing a friend. Call it however you want. What’s important is the pain it caused.

It all started with Give, a third single promoting You me at Six’s new album Night people. For couple of days I was listening to it on the loop. A rock ballad with simple, yet beautiful lyrics.

It’s been a day
It’s felt like an age
Since I have seen you
A face to face so we can say what we need to



Second phase was ruled by Plus One. It’s not totally aggressive, but it has a point.

I’ll come of age
In this town on this day
The wrong time, the wrong place
To say this to your face


For a short period of time I was also mixing Plus One and Night people. It’s really catchy and has a hypnotizing music video, but it’s not my favorite yet.


In a perfect moment (for me) You me at six debuted their fourth single Swear. This one definitely take place in my heart and top ten. Music video has no specific story line, but the song itself does all the work.

I swear
I don’t really wanna talk it out
This life is a battle ground
Who really wants to hear the sound that comes out of your mouth?


And I swear, swear, swear you don’t own me

On November 22 the band posted their new album Night people will be released January 6 2017, a week earlier than announced.


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