Sexy Suicide

Last year I was pushed by my friend to listen to a song of a band called Sexy Suicide. At a time I have to admit, I wasn’t digging for new music so much, so I disregarded it. Thankfully, my friend was not giving up. He got so caught up into this band, he convinced me to go and see Sexy Suicide live. And you know what? It was one of the best pushes I’ve gotten in a long time.


Giving you some historical background, the band was formed in 2012 under the name Neon Romance. In 2014 Marika Tomczyk (vocals) and  Bartłomiej Salamon (piano) decided to change the name of the band to Sexy Suicide. They recorded two albums, Midnight Stories (2014) and Intruder (2016). Both albums are purely synth pop, with a lot of industrial sounds and samples. Additionally, musicians use materials in German to make their music more realistic. They are inspired by 80. synth pop, industrialu, post punk, cold wave and italo disco bands.

On March 3rd I had the possibility to see Sexy Suicide live. It was an incredible experience, when the music started playing, everyone came back in time to a club in East Germany in the 80’s. And even thought sound quality was pretty bad and a person responsible for visual effects was putting too much fog, the crowd was having the time of their lives, not only dressing adequately to the theme, but dancing like there was no tomorrow.

Sexy Suicide is one of the bands putting a lot of effort into interactions with fans, during and after concerts. I was also lucky enough to have time to ask one question (there was no time for an interview). Marika was kind enough to tell me in a secret, that Sexy Suicide is working on a new album, the release date is still unknown, but we have something to wait for.

You can find them on: Spotify / Youtube / Bandcamp.




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