Kasabian “You’re In Love With a Psycho”

Kasabian has debuted a new single called You’re In Love With a Psycho on Mach 17th promoting band’s sixth album For crying out loud (release date: 5 May 2017), followed by an official music video released on March 30th.

My first impression: the song really got me going. Music is really catchy, lyrics sweet and kinda disturbing, when you think about it. I was listening it on the loop, my foot was immediately going with the rhythm. The chorus is a typical ear-worm.


But the biggest publicity for the upcoming album Kasabian gained because of their new music video. Kasabian was slammed by Mental Health Charities for ‘Outdated And Damaging Stereotypes’, as we can easily figure out, for mocking people with mental health problems. Huffington Post Entertainment published an article about it and people started responding with a well known way of getting offended. Reading the article I have the impression it’s the same level of outrage as the new Pepsi commercial. Yes, many public figures have opened about their mental health problems, but Kasabian is not using any specific names to dis mental health patients.


The video itself is full of funny and psychedelic dreams. with a twist in the end. For me it’s just an artistic vision, no pun intended. Art will always offend someone.

Dancing scene in the gym reminds me of (not LaLa Land) Kasabians “L.S.F.”. And maybe I am too far gone with in my own head, but it also resembles the “The Name Game” song scene from American Horror Story: Asylum.


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