Tokio Hotel – “Dream Machine”

Tokio Hotel released their 5th album more than a month ago and toured European clubs, including Warsaw. Unfortunately I was unable to see them live once again, so I’ll focus on the record itself. This is definitely their best record yet.


For many fans a change in style of their favorite band is unacceptable. This is why musicians often put out records to please the audience, not to follow their own paths. For Tokio Hotel it was just one way ticket. Bill and Tom opened up about their LA escape, after thy got ripped off the last drop of privacy. What’s sad is, their music wasn’t taken under account anymore, people were more interested in their private lives.

After 6 years, hiatus, one album, solo projects and finding themselves all over again, Tokio Hotel released a masterpiece, an album they were dreaming of. It’s not a pop-rock record anymore. This album is well thought, takes you on a journey inside not just Tokio Hotel’s minds, but also your own.

First single, Something New, released on December 23rd 2016, gathered great reviews, followed by angry fans, pointing out controversial images in the music video.  Yes, there are naked body parts covered in sand, but it’s really a bed time story in comparison to 30 Seconds to Mars’ Hurricane.

Second single, What if, was released just 5 days later, December 29. It was definitely a good call for Tokio Hotel, song is catchy, the video is simple, yet, pleasant to watch over and over again. No controversy here.

As for the rest of the album, anyone, fan or not, will fall for at least one song. Vocals are electrifying, going from low to high pitches. From catchy songs like What if, Boy don’t cry, As young as we are and Dream Machine, to heartbreaking ballads like Easy or Stop, babe.

A song called Better stands out lyrically, mainly because of the word “better” sang exactly 71 times (yes, I counted it. Thanks Sputnik Music). It’s still less than work in Rihanna’s Work. 

As for me, a long time fan of the band, this record is their best yet, Tokio Hotel is not 15 anymore, what can be heard all over the album.


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