Nothing More – Go To War

About a week ago I came across a song called Go To War, by Nothing More on Spotify. To be completely honest, maybe it was curiosity, or maybe the rhyme, but I gave them a shot and until now I can’t take this song out of my head.

What is really amazing in our times, you can find new music thinking, it’s a completely new band, but in reality it’s been out there for years. The same happened to me with Nothing More. I immediately fell for the dramatic vocals and sound compilation of Go To War and was amazed by the “debut song” only to discover, Nothing more was formed in 2003, with 5 albums out and 6th to be released in September. How stupid do I feel right now? You can imagine.


Go To War will work for everybody, who likes dramatic, well managed vocals, with hitting high and low pitches with precision. Instrumentally I can’t say a bad word, it’s a well composed song.

Concept for the video is basically a bar concert, with a not so well behaved audience, people fighting, throwing bottles, breaking chairs. The whole scenario is compatible with Go To War‘s lyrics and meaning. The only element of the video, I can’t really get, is a politician’s speech played in TV. It reminds me of Bastille video for Fake it.

You can find Nothing More on:



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