Remembering Chester Bennington

Someday I’m hoping to close my eyes and pretend
That this crumpled up paper can be perfect again


Last nights news hit me like a tsunami wave and I refused to believe it until the band gives the final statement. Mike broke my heart with his tweet this morning, confirming the horrifying news. I am usually keeping mourning to myself, but this time I want to speak up. Because it’s needed.


I was a fan of Linkin Park since 2004, it was basically the first band I fell in love with, their music helped me when I was in a really deep shit. I’ve learned to sing with Chester, memorized every song. I’ve listened to My December so much, my sister was flipping out hearing words Linkin Park. I printed lyrics and posted them all around my room. I was always in love with Chester’s voice, through good and bad times, all the critic, style change and telling me they were done. They weren’t. But what we see in someone and what is really going on in this particular someone’s life and head is a different story.

When I started working on myself, after 2 suicide attempts, Chester was always there for me, Linkin Park among other bands lifted me up, gave me strength. I can’t believe, the person, who prevented me from taking my own life, went the path himself. It breaks me.

I wanted to keep this post clean, but I just can’t do it, thinking of all the critics and hate musician get. Especially now, when you can be whoever the fuck you want online. People, who are cowards in real life, can go and post some pretty fucked up shit about someone, they never met before. They will never meet. Not anymore. Bullying and hate is pushing vulnerable people so far, they can’t handle it anymore.

So what, if Linkin Park was changing their music, you don’t like it, shut the fuck and stop listening, instead of criticizing someone, who’ve put his heart into their art. Many bands are changing, with such a fandom, people should feel ashamed for letting Linkin Park down.

A small message for people, who think, suicide shouldn’t ever be an option. Stop lying to yourself, it’s the last resort, a person on the edge is holding to. It’s a desperate move to leave all the pain behind. Instead of judging his action, look around, try to recognize a struggle, talk and help. Be kind to one another. Without it, we’re nothing.


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