Kitty in a Casket – “White Lies”

Kitty in a Casket is an Austrian band, formed in 2008, with 5 albums put out and 6th on the way. Until now they were categorized as punk rock/rock’n’roll band with psycho-billy influences, which is not my cup of tea. And so I won’t discuss the early work of Kitty in a Casket.

White lies is a song promoting the upcoming album of the band, RISE!, to be released on August 18th. Change in style and a cleaner approach to band’s looks is pleasant to watch and hear. In comparison to their early material and singles, this record could bring them to the next level.

Lyrics are crucial to me, when listening to a song for the first time. If a song is vague (Despacito… you know where I’m coming from with this one), there’s not much to take out of it. White lies has an interesting approach and some clever rhymes in an aa, bb formation, adding a refreshing way of constructing lyrics, popping out once in a while.

There is a moment just before the chorus, which oddly sounds like Paramore’s Decode. Kitty’s voice is still circling around the safe area, not taking too much risk. I would like to hear her singing a ballad, to really see what she can do with her voice. For now, I will leave the fresh material here, for all of you to check it out and get your own opinion.

For more from Kitty in a Casket click here.


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