Kodaline – “Brother”

On June 23rd Kodaline debuted with the very anticipated video for Brother, an emotional single, indirectly announcing bands 3rd album in progress. Kodaline hasn’t released a possible name nor a date of the upcoming record, currently being on tour and playing Brother as the standard set list track.

Kodaline loves their fans, from delightful concerts and messages, to letting the lucky fans to take over their Facebook page. But the biggest surprise for Polish fans was definitely seeing a video with the acoustic version of Brother recorded in the streets of Warsaw’s old town.


Video starts with a street violinist playing the intro, followed by Steven’s vocals. Kodaline recorded this video by one take, as it appears, with only one guitar and perfect vocals. You can tell, it was totally unexpected, as people wandering around are taken by surprised by an Irish stars casually wandering around narrow streets.

Kodaline posted the video with a note stating, it’s just the beginning of an unplugged series, so stay tuned to see, if your city will be next.

For more information you can visit Clash Magazine.


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