Kodaline – Ready to Change

On Friday, the 13th Kodaline released new music video, the first single from their new EP I Wouldn’t Be. You can find it on Spotify and iTunes.

Ready to Change is lyrically a bittersweet song, with a pretty clear chorus.

You can stand on the edge shouting out that you’re ready to change
You can say what you want
You won’t jump, you’re not ready to change, ready to change

The music video is perfectly paired with the lyrics. It tells a story of a Zoo worker, who’s afraid of talking to humans, connecting with animals instead. He ends up being a love interest of a new co-worker. Four-minute-video is filled with adorable animals, a love triangle and heartwarming ending, as we learn, no matter who you are and how hard it is to connect, we all can be happy, if we want it bad enough.

The video was shot entirely in Fota Wildlife Park in Cork, Ireland, featuring not only the animal residents, but also staff members as extras. The location fees were donated to Red Panda Forest Guardian Project in Nepal.


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