Warhaus [19/01/2017]

Last year I’ve had a pleasure to interview Maarten Devoldere, known as one of the leading faces of Belgian rock band Balthazar. But Balthazar was not the main topic of our conversation. Maarten decided to create a separate project, called Warhaus and was touring around Europe.

Your solo project had not only a magnetic title, it’s a journey, a dark dream we all secretly would like to live in. What inspired you the most while creating this record?

People I love. People i wanted to love, but couldn’t. Chorine. Pornhub. That Paloma blanca song. My mother. Nights I didn’t remember, so I could refill them up with sweet melody.

Listening to your album I started to wonder, who are the characters you’re writing about. Is there any particular story behind it?

They start quite anecdotal. They’re all about girlfriends or encounters with people. I can link every song to a certain girl, which sounds a bit cliché but yeah, I’m a walking cliché I guess. I try to develop the songs, so they’re recognizable for more people than myself though.

Between the release of Balthazar’s last record and “We Fucked A Flame Into Being” there’s less than 2 year gap, including the European tour and promotions. Did you compose some of the songs in the tour bus?

I worked five years on the album on the side. So I wrote a bit everywhere depending on where I was during those five years. A lot of that time I was on tour, but a lot was written at home as well.

Your vocals have the lead, what about the female voice? I must say, it’s electrifying.

I agree, that’s Sylvie Kreusch, a Belgian singer, who I’ve met on tour. She had an impact on the album in mysterious ways. I guess, I could say she’s a muse, if i believed in that kind of hocus pocus. Which I don’t.


Are there plans for another record?

Not thinking about that yet. I’ll first make a new Balthazar record with Jinte. That been said as it is a solo project and it’s hard to split as a solo artist. There will probably be coming more before my retirement. [Laughter]

What are the main differences between working solo and creating the record with Balthazar? Do you feel more comfortable recording and performing as Warhaus?

Not really, some things are sweeter, some are not. I guess I like the variation. It pushes you to new directions, whether you like it or not. Playing in a band is about losing the ego and working as a team. Making a solo record is about exaggerating the ego. Which can be fun sometimes.

You’ve played in Poland in 2015 with Balthazar. In February you’ll perform twice, Warsaw and Poznan, in the exact same clubs. Will it be different for you? How do you perceive the Polish crowd?

It’s a different band, it’s a different year and the stars will be aligned differently, so yeah it must be different.



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