Heidrik [12/05/2017]

Heidrik is a lovely Faroese artist, with a strong Tim Burtonish esthetic and magical voice. Last year I had a pleasure to meet him and chat a little about his artistry. If you haven’t had a pleasure to get to know his music, you can find it on Spotify / Soundcloud and watch all of his music videos on Vimeo.

You are a man of many talents, a musician, filmmaker, painter, it seems you turn to gold everything you touch. Did you ever consider music school instead of film school?

Thank you very much! No, not really…or I was at this 6 month music course in Denmark so I have done a bit of school regarding music. Film for me was something I felt I needed schooling for. It’s so much technical stuff you have to do to be able to make a movie. So many people involved and it’s a big machine you have to start if you do film. Music you can make alone without problems so that’s why I guess I felt more that film school would be more a thing I would be able to help me regarding film.

“Funeral” is a very intimate album, seems like we can see your soul with every pitch.

Yes, it is a very personal album and I wanted it to be as true as possible. I have been through some things I think I needed to get off my chest. It is a very important album for me because it help me to get closure to a lot of things and helped me move on.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is the song “Boy” based on true events? It’s truly heartbreaking.

Yes, it is. The song about a boy who died when he was 17 in my home town. He was under constant homophobic bullying and suddenly died and the entire town go silent with guilt by their behavior. I can never forget that morning I heard he died. I was 17 as well and it was such a strange morning. It has sort of haunted me ever since so I felt I had to write the story down. I think it says a lot about us humans and how we behave towards the things we don’t understand or don’t know.

FXxjZXuYtjkMany people, especially young, living in small places, are struggling, when it comes to their sexuality and the world they grow up in. Faroe Islands are not only small, but also isolated.

Yes it’s very hard it small societies I think. Faroe Islands have change a great deal just the past 10 years but when I was a kid, homophobia was a very normal thing. People’s hate and fear was hidden behind religion as an excuse of their behavior. I am just very happy young people in the Faroe Islands wont experience such hate again.

How did moving to Iceland influence your life? Does it inspire you while creating?

It is a lot like Faroe Islands. Just bigger and a bit more modern. I learn a lot here – about myself and about life. I lived in Denmark but I never settled in. I am born and raised around nature and therefor was Iceland perfect for me. I feel very much at home here.

How was to work with Janus Rassmusen?

It was great! he’s is one of my best friends. We known each others since we were teenagers and he has also seen me grow up and therefor could easily relate to the album and help me say what I wanted in the right way. He is seriously one of the best producers around and he’s to humble to for his great talents.

Let’s talk about your inspirations, the cover of “Funeral” reminds me of Tim Burton’s “The nightmare before Christmas”, it’s one of my favorites. Where do you seek inspiration? What helps you most in the process of creating?

That’s funny! Tim Burton and I have the same source of inspiration I think and that’s maybe way you think so. We both are great fans of old black and white silent Berlin movies from the 1920s AND 50s horror movies. So I guess that’s where you may see some resemblance. I find my inspiration in old movies and pictures of old Hollywood stars. The album is called Funeral but I see the album as a very positive album because it’s about letting go and getting peace of mind so you can move on with your life. So I wanted the cover to be beautiful and colorful yet have some of the funeral elements but in a surreal sort of way. So it was not associated to a real funeral but more the symbolic side of a funeral.

You are one of those stars with a pretty unique name, how often is it mispronounced? What was the funniest version of your name?

Well surprisingly it’s not that bad. I think people are quite good at pronouncing it. But I love how polish people have like, cute versions of names so I am called Heniu or Heidriczek. I think that’s adorable 😉


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