Cellphones during concerts: yes or no?

One of the radio stations was debating during today’s morning show whether usage of cellphones should be banned during live shows completely or not. They’ve mentioned a pretty strict no cellphone statement from Jack White and his team, released yesterday.

We think you’ll enjoy looking up from your gadgets for a little while and experience music and our shared love of it IN PERSON.

According to NME, concertgoers will be obliged to keep their phones locked in the Yondr pouch, which they can unlock only in certain areas of the venue. This way people won’t be able to take pictures and videos of any kind, benefiting in them enjoying the moment.

You can call me an old soul or a very odd person for my age, but I was never fond of using my phone during a show. I always wondered, why people were just standing still, looking at their phones. If they got somewhere near me, they were pissing me off with their snarky comments and stares, to a point I wanted to shove their phone into their asses. Don’t judge me. And I am totally in favor of this ban. It’s not only a total waste of time, since the quality of your video and sound does not only depend on your phone. Besides, you can find shit loads of videos released by the artist. It’s also minimizing the experience to just focusing on what’s on your screen.

Second thing is, recording in a crowd, you’re not going to respond to the artist, nor interact in any damn way. This is pissing the artist off, and I am not surprised. Someone is singing their hear out, only to see blue screens and no one really singing/dancing/having an actual fun. I would be pissed…

But, I am not comfortable with using the pouch. Simply keeping the phone in a bag or a pocket is enough. And I agree with a comment (bold) made on the matter and left on Debate.org, with 79% of votes to ban cellphones in the venues:

First off, I get the annoyance of having an overzealous photo/video taker blocking your view & how it may be disconcerting to performers seeing people in the audience documenting everything. I’m fine with a performer simply requesting no video/photos and then actually enforcing the rule by evicting anyone who doesn’t follow the rule. When I go to a show, I do like to take pics and some video. I love looking back on these as a more tangible memory. But if a performer asks me not to, I don’t.
In this day and age, however, I believe it is wrong and even unsafe to use things such as a Yondr pouch to make people’s phones inaccessible to them. To unlock the pouch you have to go and find an employee who can unlock it for you.
Imagine any number of scenarios where this could be dangerous: a fire, an active shooter, a medical emergency w/ an audience member or a loved one not in attendance, etc.
If performers and venues are going to start using these more and more, they had better HOPE & PRAY NOTHING goes wrong during their show. I fear it’s going to take a real life incident to illustrate why this is a bad idea.

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