Amber Run [21.10.2017]

One of the bands I really appreciate, Amber Run, finally came to Poland. And let me tell you, even if this particular interview (with Joe) was done via email, I was thrilled to have this opportunity. And naturally, was lucky to see them live.

Your new album For a Moment, I Was Lost was released this year and immediately stole hearts of people. How different was for you the recording process it in comparison to 5AM?

It was really different. We recorded a lot of this record live in an attempt to capture more of the energy we have at a show. In doing so I think we’ve captured a much rawer sounding album. Which I think is a great thing.

5 AM album cover is pretty simple in comparison to For a Moment, I Was Lost. It’s beautiful, mysterious, I kind of feel like having an psychiatric evaluation looking at it. I can see two faces, almost locking lips. Was it the result you wanted to achieve? Or was it supposed to be a butterfly? (Please tell me, it’s not a butterfly…)

It’s a Rorschach test! People are supposed to be different things so it’s not supposed to look like anything! It looks like lungs to me. If you see a butterfly it’s a butterfly!

Could you tell me about your inspirations, your idols?

Bands like the national and Radiohead are huge inspirations but we all listen to lots of different kinds of music so it’s difficult to pin point just a few. For me lyricists like Guy Garvey are also huge inspirations.

How do you feel about going on an European tour, where you’ll play the first fiddle? Did you have the pleasure to visit Poland before?

We’ve never played a show in Poland and I don’t think any of us have visited either. Really excited to. I’ve heard beautiful things about your country and the way people engage with music there. We’re really excited to get our career started in Poland!

You were supporting Kodaline and (rumor has it) Seafret back in the day, how did it all begin?

Supporting Kodaline was an interesting learning experience. They were nice guys and have a great show but it was so earlier on our careers that I don’t think we truly took advantage. Was fun to play Brixton though! We’ve never supported Seafret! Maybe one day. I’ve heard they do really well in Poland! They have been supporting us on our UK tour.

You’re reuniting with Kodaline and Seafret for few more shows, who is better to hang out with, if I may ask?

Not sorted anything out with Kodaline for a few years but they are great guys. Love the ‘craic’. Seafret are hilarious lads – a lot of fun.

On a more personal note, is it true, you left law school to pursue music career?

Tom did leave university where he was studying law to play in this band – its true.

Hypothetically, if music was off the table, where would you see yourselves in 5 years?

Fat, lonely and bored

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