Jesse Kramer

If you’re not familiar with the TV show called The Four, you probably don’t know who this post is about. Fear not, I will explain everything in a second. Starting from a statement, that I am not a fan of TV music shows. Mainly because most of those, like Idol, X Factor and any other show like this focuses on the same kind of music and the same kind of contestants. Many of them are the same kind of pop stars, with the same voice range (the bigger the better, obviously) and the same attitude. Which makes it impossible for people like me to actually enjoy watching it. But once in a while you find someone to watch, with a unique voice, style and a spark.

Jesse Kramer doesn’t fit in the frame of a pop star, with his raspy vocals, eyeliner and guitar. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t know him before watching The Four. And yes, I was watching this particular show, since it was fresh and I was kind of bored. So when Jesse came in, it started getting interesting. I really like his voice. He has his signature style. And even though he was criticized by Diddy and pushed to stop growling, it’s good he can go and do his own thing. After all, when you work with someone, who has a vision of how his artists should record, there’s no room left for creativity. Am I right, or am I right?

Jesse released his first original song, called Say Goodbye To Yesterday.

You can find Jesse on Soundcloud, JesseKramerMusic, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. He’s worth it!


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