Bring Me The Horizon – “Mantra”

Before the truth will set you free

It’ll piss you off

As controversial as their last album “That’s the Spirit” was, Bring Me The Horizon are coming back and not giving a damn about what people will say. Which is exactly the attitude you would expect from them. Why? Because a lot of bands stay in a self-build cocoon of a comfort zone, not wanting to upset anybody, playing the same old song all over again. Change is good. Change is what drives you to do something unexpected and beautiful.


Mantra is the first single promoting the upcoming BMTH album AMO, which is scheduled for release in January 2019. It does actually sound a lot like it’s a hidden track on their last album. For some, it’s nothing groundbreaking and really boring. For me, it is something I’ve been craving for. That’s the Spirit wasn’t one of my favorite albums, but I still am really curious, what’s next up BMTH’s sleeve.

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