Balthazar [14/01/2019]

Let’s kick it off with talking about the singles you’ve put out to promote your upcoming album. First you’ve released „Fever“ and two weeks later „Entertainment“ came out. Was that on purpose?

Jinte: The thing is, the label wanted „Entertainment“ and we wanted „Fever“ (laughter). We love „Entertainment“, of course, we’ve put it on the album, but we didn’t think of it as the best introduction song. So we wanted to come out with something more ambitious at first. „Fever“ was this perfect shot for us.

Maarten: „Fever“ was always perfect for us to put out first. It’s also the opening track for a reason.

Jinte: When you put out the song without an album, it always feels weird, because you don’t have a context. We’ve felt like, “Fever” was the only song you can out and it’s still a mystery what the album is going to be about, but it’s also very intriguing. While “Entertainment” is more obvious radio song.

The music video for “Entertainment” was shot in Pekfabriek in Antwerp. “Fever” is as mysterious as is can be, I couldn’t find any information about the location you were shooting in.

Maarten: It was Lanzarote. We’ve finished the album and wanted to go on holidays. But our manager wanted us to record a music video for “Fever” before we can go anywhere.

Jinte: So we combined it, went for the holiday with our director and shot it. That’s how we made the video.

It’s well directed and kind of makes you think of a short movie.

Maarten: It was just a trailer. What’s going to happen in the end, maybe we will kill each other, or something. In a “True Detective” manner, the main characters are searching for the truth, a murderer, building a case. But when the plot evolves, they realise, what they were looking for was a purpose in their lives.

Jinte: The movie is still in progress.


I hope so, it does fall into my aesthetics. Are you already planning another single release?

Jinte: We’ve actually shot one yesterday. That’s why we’re so tired. Is it going to come out?

Maarten: Monday, I think.

Jinte: Monday. It’s called “Wrong vibrations”.

That’s one of the songs I fancy. Which leads me to my next question. Do you have a favourite song on the album?

Maarten: All of the songs kind of need each other. It’s like a big family of children.

Jinte: The thing is, we’ve had some many children and we’ve picked our favourites, that’s why they’re on the album. If we didn’t like them, they wouldn’t make the cut. But also it depends on the day. Today is Monday, so for me it’s “Wrong faces”.

Maarten: I like that one. I like them all. For me it’s “Grapefruit” day. What’s your favourite?

It’s a tough choice. But I would say my absolute favourite is “Wrong faces”.

Jinte: Really?

Yes, there’s something in this particular song.

Maarten: That’s good, because it’s totally not a single.

Another interesting thing about your album is the cover. It’s a photo of African wild dogs. I’ve spend a second searching for them.

Jinte: On Google? It’s the second picture. (laughter) Since December 2017 we were working on the album. We’ve rented out a house for like a week, we were still on tour with our solo projects. It was one of the first sessions we were writing there. We’ve found one of the national geographic magazines. On page seven or so there was this picture of the dogs, they looked like a band, which fitted the whole vibe. Colours, the African soil.

Maarten: There was also an interesting article about the dogs, how they live and form a sort of a wolf pack. They chase their pray for  like 100km.

Jinte: Are you sure it’s a 100km?

Maarten: 200km. It’s sometimes like we feel like chasing the muse.

Jinte: They’ve became our Mascote from the beginning.


You’ve mentioned the solo projects. It’s so cool, you are so supportive of one another. You don’t really see that in the industry, sometimes it leads to a so called beef between the artists.

Jinte: We’ve always wanted to start a beef. (laughter) But we just love each other so much. Sorry, what was the question?

There was none, I just wanted to give you a compliment.

Jinte: Ah, thanks.

It’s your forth record. Maarten, you’ve said in an interview with IndieSpect you’ve started the band at 17, put out your first record at 22/23 and almost 10 years later you’re putting the 4th album at 31/32. Are you feeling like you’ve found the sound you would like to be remembered for?

Jinte: When I look at the first album, I think it’s logical the way we were back then. Not something essentially I want to be remembered by. I think I will think the same way about this album. About every album. That’s the reason why you’re making more albums. It’s just the correct sound for who you are now. But I hope it will change.

Maarten: I would like to use the metaphor of the dog chasing the muse. We’re not biting her neck yet. It’s more about the process.

So you’re still chasing the bunny.

Maarten: It’s about the growth, not the destination.

You’re spending two days in Warsaw. What’s next?

Jinte: Italy, I think. We’ve never done so much promotion. It’s the first time we’ve spent two days in a row in Poland.

You’ve also played few times in Poland last year.

Jinte: Yes, we tour a lot. I came here two times, every time it was great. Poland is on the regular tour schedule.

How do you find it? The crowd, the fans, the venues?

Maarten: Great. The first time we came here was it together or alone? I don’t remember.

Jinte: You expand your territory, so we could come to Poland. People are very warm and enthusiastic. So it was cool to see it grow, even with our solo projects it grew further. We’re very grateful.

I’m glad to hear that. Thanks so much for your time.

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