Wild Tales

Game of Thrones has ended, but a phrase Winter is coming will always have a special place in everyone’s hearts, am I right? So does new music. When was the last time you’ve heard or seen new band you thought “That’s not bad”? Me – fairly recently. Last week in London to be exact. And no, the title of this post is not about a film, I’ve never watched before, but a band I had the pleasure to see on stage.


To paint a picture, the gig took place on Tuesday and was advertised very poorly. Even though the amount of people was closer to a small gathering than a rave and the sound was not the greatest, I still enjoyed it. Wild Tales were the opening act, with soundcheck lasting just 5 minutes they poured their hearts and souls into it. You won’t see many bands with such dedication. Also, they are a bunch of humble Joes, very nice guys they are.


As my mate said, they are a bit UK. If you ask me, it’s a compliment or simply stating a fact – they are from the UK. Show them some love!

Where to find Wild Tales: Spotify / Soundcloud / Apple Music / Deezer / Facebook

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