Bring Me The Horizon – “Mantra”

Before the truth will set you free

It’ll piss you off

As controversial as their last album “That’s the Spirit” was, Bring Me The Horizon are coming back and not giving a damn about what people will say. Which is exactly the attitude you would expect from them. Why? Because a lot of bands stay in a self-build cocoon of a comfort zone, not wanting to upset anybody, playing the same old song all over again. Change is good. Change is what drives you to do something unexpected and beautiful.


Mantra is the first single promoting the upcoming BMTH album AMO, which is scheduled for release in January 2019. It does actually sound a lot like it’s a hidden track on their last album. For some, it’s nothing groundbreaking and really boring. For me, it is something I’ve been craving for. That’s the Spirit wasn’t one of my favorite albums, but I still am really curious, what’s next up BMTH’s sleeve.

Cellphones during concerts: yes or no?

One of the radio stations was debating during today’s morning show whether usage of cellphones should be banned during live shows completely or not. They’ve mentioned a pretty strict no cellphone statement from Jack White and his team, released yesterday.

We think you’ll enjoy looking up from your gadgets for a little while and experience music and our shared love of it IN PERSON.

According to NME, concertgoers will be obliged to keep their phones locked in the Yondr pouch, which they can unlock only in certain areas of the venue. This way people won’t be able to take pictures and videos of any kind, benefiting in them enjoying the moment.

You can call me an old soul or a very odd person for my age, but I was never fond of using my phone during a show. I always wondered, why people were just standing still, looking at their phones. If they got somewhere near me, they were pissing me off with their snarky comments and stares, to a point I wanted to shove their phone into their asses. Don’t judge me. And I am totally in favor of this ban. It’s not only a total waste of time, since the quality of your video and sound does not only depend on your phone. Besides, you can find shit loads of videos released by the artist. It’s also minimizing the experience to just focusing on what’s on your screen.

Second thing is, recording in a crowd, you’re not going to respond to the artist, nor interact in any damn way. This is pissing the artist off, and I am not surprised. Someone is singing their hear out, only to see blue screens and no one really singing/dancing/having an actual fun. I would be pissed…

But, I am not comfortable with using the pouch. Simply keeping the phone in a bag or a pocket is enough. And I agree with a comment (bold) made on the matter and left on, with 79% of votes to ban cellphones in the venues:

First off, I get the annoyance of having an overzealous photo/video taker blocking your view & how it may be disconcerting to performers seeing people in the audience documenting everything. I’m fine with a performer simply requesting no video/photos and then actually enforcing the rule by evicting anyone who doesn’t follow the rule. When I go to a show, I do like to take pics and some video. I love looking back on these as a more tangible memory. But if a performer asks me not to, I don’t.
In this day and age, however, I believe it is wrong and even unsafe to use things such as a Yondr pouch to make people’s phones inaccessible to them. To unlock the pouch you have to go and find an employee who can unlock it for you.
Imagine any number of scenarios where this could be dangerous: a fire, an active shooter, a medical emergency w/ an audience member or a loved one not in attendance, etc.
If performers and venues are going to start using these more and more, they had better HOPE & PRAY NOTHING goes wrong during their show. I fear it’s going to take a real life incident to illustrate why this is a bad idea.

Thirty Seconds To Mars – “Walk On Water”

After 4 long years of patience, few weeks of intense teasing and few billions soon Thirty Seconds To Mars released new song Walk On Water, single for an upcoming album, which is still in a making process.


Walk On Water is a well thought song, with strong lyrics and a memorable chorus. Thirty Seconds To Mars are known for their creativity, this time is no different. They used videos submitted and recorded on July 4th, showing USA on the most memorable day of the year.


Remembering Chester Bennington

Someday I’m hoping to close my eyes and pretend
That this crumpled up paper can be perfect again


Last nights news hit me like a tsunami wave and I refused to believe it until the band gives the final statement. Mike broke my heart with his tweet this morning, confirming the horrifying news. I am usually keeping mourning to myself, but this time I want to speak up. Because it’s needed.


I was a fan of Linkin Park since 2004, it was basically the first band I fell in love with, their music helped me when I was in a really deep shit. I’ve learned to sing with Chester, memorized every song. I’ve listened to My December so much, my sister was flipping out hearing words Linkin Park. I printed lyrics and posted them all around my room. I was always in love with Chester’s voice, through good and bad times, all the critic, style change and telling me they were done. They weren’t. But what we see in someone and what is really going on in this particular someone’s life and head is a different story.

When I started working on myself, after 2 suicide attempts, Chester was always there for me, Linkin Park among other bands lifted me up, gave me strength. I can’t believe, the person, who prevented me from taking my own life, went the path himself. It breaks me.

I wanted to keep this post clean, but I just can’t do it, thinking of all the critics and hate musician get. Especially now, when you can be whoever the fuck you want online. People, who are cowards in real life, can go and post some pretty fucked up shit about someone, they never met before. They will never meet. Not anymore. Bullying and hate is pushing vulnerable people so far, they can’t handle it anymore.

So what, if Linkin Park was changing their music, you don’t like it, shut the fuck and stop listening, instead of criticizing someone, who’ve put his heart into their art. Many bands are changing, with such a fandom, people should feel ashamed for letting Linkin Park down.

A small message for people, who think, suicide shouldn’t ever be an option. Stop lying to yourself, it’s the last resort, a person on the edge is holding to. It’s a desperate move to leave all the pain behind. Instead of judging his action, look around, try to recognize a struggle, talk and help. Be kind to one another. Without it, we’re nothing.


From First to Last

From First to Last is back with new music and a guest appearance fans were waiting for – Skrillex. Yes, you heard it, the rumors are true and we can finally hear the result of collaboration.

For those who have no vague idea, what I’m talking about, From First to last is an American rock/post-hardcore band. They debuted in 2003 with their first EP titled Aesthetic, with Phillip Reardon, founding member and lead vocalist. Reardon left the band a year later and was replaced by Sonny Moore, releasing Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count in 2004 and Heroine in 2006. Sonny left the band in February 2007 to pursue his solo project as Skrillex.


From First to Lasts forth and fifth album: From First to Last (2008) and Throne to the Wolves (2010) were recorded with Matt Good as lead vocalist. July 28th 2010 the band entered a hiatus.


After a 3-year break the band reformed and launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the recording of a new EP. Band surprised their fans with a new LP instead of EP, on January 13th 2015 From First to Last released their fifth album Dead Trees with Spencer Sotelo as lead vocalist. This record contains 11 new songs and 3 bonus tracks, remakes of all time favorites: Note to SelfRide the Wings of Pestilence and The Latest Plague.


In December 2014 Matt Good partially confirmed the collaboration with Sonny in an interview, but fans still didn’t know in what form and when. Late last year rumors of Skrillex returning to From First to Last started surfacing. On a video shared by Alternative Press we can clearly see and hear it. Finally yesterday, From First to Last released their new song Make War, followed by Skrillex himself publishing the news on his page.


Where to find Make War:



Ed Sheeran – new music

So, the internet is buzzing about Ed Sheeran’s comeback. No wonder, one of our favorites British redheads was radio silent for a year. But as he promised, he came back with new music. It’s not just a single or a sample, but a whole new album coming out. Very soon.

The third album, called “÷” (Divide), is coming out 3rd March, pre-order goes live at midnight today.

Since the beginning of the year we are picking the news like breadcrumbs. On the 6th January Ed put out two new singles “Castle On The Hill” and “Shape Of You” and yesterday he posted a picture with all the song names.


Are you also waiting impatiently to hear all of the songs?

For now I leave you with new singles:

Bring Me the Horizon “That’s the Spirit”

On 11 September 2015 (in just one week!) Bring Me the Horizon will release their fifth album That’s the Spirit. Who’s excited? I know I am!


As many of you probably remember, in late 2014 the band released Drown, a single and music video so controversial, that it started a internet riot. Some were happy to hear some new stuff, some were disappointed, because of the less aggressive rock style the band chose for both singles Drown and Don’t Look Down. As for me, it was a sign of change, it was just a teaser, a good one I might add.


The teasing began on 5 July 2015, when the band released a very first video of the rainy umbrella:

A week later BMTH released the first new track called Happy Song to promote the upcoming album July 13.

No more then two weeks later, the band released the official single, Throne, alongside a music video, very powerful lyrics and catchy sound, it was an obvious and great choice.

True Friends, the third track and the official lyric video premiered on 22 August.

Here’s the complete track listing for That’ the Spirit:


You can find some official merchandise on BMTH official:


As well as on horizonsupply:

horizon supplies

Not satisfied? You can find 30 second previews of all tracks on Spotify.


Gingerbread Man Records


Scrolling through my timeline later today I saw an unusual update from Ed Sheeran. His introduction to new YouTube Channel is just a little preview of what we can expect from his new adorably named record label Gingerbread Man Records.

Watch, subscribe and as Ed wrote himself:  first music video coming tomorrow.


“(We were) Born for this”


For all those of you, who has no twitter/or simply doesn’t use it as often, Paramore fans, known as Parawhores started a Riot!

It all began when Justin Bieber (yes, I said it!) released a new song (it’s a full track, not a sneak peek) called ‘We were born for this” on his twitter account on April 28, along with an image the singer used to promote his new song. “So, what’s the big deal?” I was (and probably many of you were) asking myself. To answer that particular question we need to go back to 2007.

I you look closely on the track-list of Paramores Riot! from 2007, you’ll see the track called “Born for this”, that includes exact lines “We were born for this”. Naturally, it’s not enough to make a trending topic on twitter, so we need to go deeper.

The Riot!‘s cover (right) and the promotional pic of JB’s song (left) are eerily similar.


We need to be realistic, everyone gets inspired by someone else, it doesn’t matter who they are, or what they do. And, for the record, Paramores Riot! album cover (left) looks similar to Rock steady by No doubt (center), so does Demi Lovatos debut Don’t forget cover (right).


The real riot starts now, as it turns out, that the image Bieber used to promote his brand new song, was in fact a fan art, made by one of Parawhores back in 2011. And the  quickly turned into trending topic.


So how did Paramore responded?


And Hayley, well she’s just being Hayley.


There you go, the mystery’s solved. Sherlock’s out!