Doctors Are Enemies

In  today’s edition of “Check ’em out” I would like to introduce you to a band called Doctors Are Enemies. How did I stumbled upon this band, you ask? A short answer would be Instagram, of course. Surprisingly when I was on the way to a nearby hospital. I won’t bore you with with the details, but it was kind of a forshadowing of what happened. Not saying, doctors are enemies, but I was sent home empty handed. Anyways, we’re not here to talk about my medical records, amirite?

Doctors Are Enemies is an alternative rock band from Kent, UK. There’s not a lot of information out there about the mastermind(s) behind the band, but I have to say, I am digging the vibe and artwork.

Time of this post is strategic, Doctors Are Enemies is releasing 3rd song next Monday, June 15th, called Bright Idea. 2020 is a weird year, so let’s help musicians thrive!

You can find Doctors Are Enemies on Twitter/ Instagram / Spotify/ Youtube.

Wild Tales

Game of Thrones has ended, but a phrase Winter is coming will always have a special place in everyone’s hearts, am I right? So does new music. When was the last time you’ve heard or seen new band you thought “That’s not bad”? Me – fairly recently. Last week in London to be exact. And no, the title of this post is not about a film, I’ve never watched before, but a band I had the pleasure to see on stage.


To paint a picture, the gig took place on Tuesday and was advertised very poorly. Even though the amount of people was closer to a small gathering than a rave and the sound was not the greatest, I still enjoyed it. Wild Tales were the opening act, with soundcheck lasting just 5 minutes they poured their hearts and souls into it. You won’t see many bands with such dedication. Also, they are a bunch of humble Joes, very nice guys they are.


As my mate said, they are a bit UK. If you ask me, it’s a compliment or simply stating a fact – they are from the UK. Show them some love!

Where to find Wild Tales: Spotify / Soundcloud / Apple Music / Deezer / Facebook

Morgan Joanel – “Fire”

I haven’t posted for a while now, moving to London was equally as exhausting as it was exciting. I finally feel like at home, which means, more energy and inspiration to write.

Few months ago a brilliant Aussie, Morgan Joanel, I’ve mentioned years back decided to come back with her music and artwork. She launched a Kickstarter campaign for her ARTMUSIC project. What is ARTMUSIC? It’s a collective of original music and artwork.

8aecd75d1dd018433826b30d43106a01_original Why exactly am I talking about it? Because Morgan released the first song from the bunch, called “Fire”. And it’s amazing. Truly amazing. As Morgan describes it:

Fire… A song that has been living in the shadows for years, I have always held this one intensely close to my heart. Still. Each time I hear it, play it, sing it, it never fails to conjure up the purest essence of trust I’ve ever known…

As the floods belted through me, tried to water down the wild and violently wash away the pain… this one little spark of hope remained tethered to my ankle as I wandered aimlessly around the wastelands. Against a bitter storm that raged for years, through all the cold and devastation, this beat has been the quiet breath sifting through my lungs.

So it may seem like just another song, but for me, it is the heartbeat that warmly pounded a rhythm, a pattern, a map that has lead me back home… to the Fire.

Give it a try.


Craving for new music? Something fresh, fun and making you hate Mondays less? You’ve come to the right place then. MAX MOON just dropped his first song and it’s epic.

MAX MOON is a solo project of a German musician Maximilian Schlichter, who you may or may not know is one third of the German band Killerpilze (I will cover them on a separate occasion). To answer your questions, no, you don’t need to understand German and no, music made by German artists is not boring or does not sound like Scooter (be honest, he did pop in your head, when I’ve mentioned German musicians, we all do). Max is super talented, has a great voice and deserves the recognition. So go, check out his song and show him some love!