Badflower – OK, I’M SICK

It’s no secret 2020 was a miserable year for all. Filled with anxiety, tears, loneliness and uncertainty. Being far away from my family and basically left to fend for myself took a toll on my mental health. I’m not here to tell you all about how many days I’ve cried myself to sleep or how happy I privileged I was to have a job and a roof over my head. Not at all. I’m here to talk about music.

There’s one particular album I have listened to on repeat for a long time and would consider one of the best albums of 2019 (and 2020 soundtrack for sure). I’m talking about Badflower’s debut album OK, I’M SICK.

Badflower formed in 2013, in Los Angeles. After touring Europe in 2015-2016 they started working on their debut album. You could say their music is kind of emo with a modern spin, but that’s what makes it so captivating. Josh Katz, the lead singer and lyricist is not fond of metaphors and is just giving it to you as plain as can be. Raw, emotional, hitting right in the gut.

Ghost is definitely one of those tracks. In an interview with Loudwire, Josh explained the story behind their single, saying:

We actually didn’t choose it as the single, the label did. I was terrified for that song to come out as the first single, just because the content is so heavy. It could’ve gone so many different ways. Even though for me I was writing from a place of truth, When it was written I had just gotten off tour, and I spent the entire tour having panic attacks on stage every night. It was just something that came out of nowhere for reasons that only my therapist can tell you. When that happened, I got home and it was a traumatic experience having to deal with that every single night and I was in a really low place. I was depressed and thinking about self-harm. So I just wrote it. I played out the whole scenario and put it into a song because that’s what writers do, I suppose. I didn’t even know if it was gonna go on the album. I was sorta hesitant to even show it to the rest of my band, But everyone heard it and loved it, and said it might actually be a positive thing to put out in the world. So we did, and it turned out that I was wrong in my skepticism because it was a positive thing.

And if you’re a fan of music videos showing more than a dance sequence or a pool party (no shade), Badflower won’t disappoint either. I highly recommend having a pack of tissues on hand while watching the music video for The Jester. Go on, give it a go!

Biffy Clyro – “Instant History”

A bit later than expected, but Biffy Clyro are coming back with a proper studio album. “Instant History” was released roughly two weeks ago and is getting mixed reviews.

I gather, it’s because of high expectations of many, for an album following the footsteps of “Ellipsis” and “Opposites”. “Instant History” is catchy and very pop for Biffy, a bold choice for the lead single. In a conversation with BBC 1 Simon Neil explains:

Instant History is the biggest, most slammest pop moment we’ve ever worked on. It’s a fantastic opening statement, although musically it doesn’t reflect the album’s direction. But thematically it’s a good pointer for what the album is about: learning from mistakes and realizing how you can move things forward. Things can be similar although they’ll never be the same, but let’s not be scared of that.

As for the music video, it’s kind of psychedelic, reminds me of Mansons “Mechanical Animals” era, bit of “Dope Show”, bit of “I don’t like the drugs”. But it could just be my weird mind. All in all, it’s interesting.

Some fans were quick to point out, it could be the end of Biffy’s career, but are glad to this could be just a one off. We would just have to wait and see. There’s no release date for “A celebration of endings” yet, but the artwork is pretty sweet.



Jesse Kramer

If you’re not familiar with the TV show called The Four, you probably don’t know who this post is about. Fear not, I will explain everything in a second. Starting from a statement, that I am not a fan of TV music shows. Mainly because most of those, like Idol, X Factor and any other show like this focuses on the same kind of music and the same kind of contestants. Many of them are the same kind of pop stars, with the same voice range (the bigger the better, obviously) and the same attitude. Which makes it impossible for people like me to actually enjoy watching it. But once in a while you find someone to watch, with a unique voice, style and a spark.

Jesse Kramer doesn’t fit in the frame of a pop star, with his raspy vocals, eyeliner and guitar. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t know him before watching The Four. And yes, I was watching this particular show, since it was fresh and I was kind of bored. So when Jesse came in, it started getting interesting. I really like his voice. He has his signature style. And even though he was criticized by Diddy and pushed to stop growling, it’s good he can go and do his own thing. After all, when you work with someone, who has a vision of how his artists should record, there’s no room left for creativity. Am I right, or am I right?

Jesse released his first original song, called Say Goodbye To Yesterday.

You can find Jesse on Soundcloud, JesseKramerMusic, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. He’s worth it!


Sexy Suicide

Last year I was pushed by my friend to listen to a song of a band called Sexy Suicide. At a time I have to admit, I wasn’t digging for new music so much, so I disregarded it. Thankfully, my friend was not giving up. He got so caught up into this band, he convinced me to go and see Sexy Suicide live. And you know what? It was one of the best pushes I’ve gotten in a long time.


Giving you some historical background, the band was formed in 2012 under the name Neon Romance. In 2014 Marika Tomczyk (vocals) and  Bartłomiej Salamon (piano) decided to change the name of the band to Sexy Suicide. They recorded two albums, Midnight Stories (2014) and Intruder (2016). Both albums are purely synth pop, with a lot of industrial sounds and samples. Additionally, musicians use materials in German to make their music more realistic. They are inspired by 80. synth pop, industrialu, post punk, cold wave and italo disco bands.

On March 3rd I had the possibility to see Sexy Suicide live. It was an incredible experience, when the music started playing, everyone came back in time to a club in East Germany in the 80’s. And even thought sound quality was pretty bad and a person responsible for visual effects was putting too much fog, the crowd was having the time of their lives, not only dressing adequately to the theme, but dancing like there was no tomorrow.

Sexy Suicide is one of the bands putting a lot of effort into interactions with fans, during and after concerts. I was also lucky enough to have time to ask one question (there was no time for an interview). Marika was kind enough to tell me in a secret, that Sexy Suicide is working on a new album, the release date is still unknown, but we have something to wait for.

You can find them on: Spotify / Youtube / Bandcamp.




You me at six “Night people”

If you ask me, what kind of songs I like the most, it’s definitely revenge songs. Second place have post-breakup songs. We’ve all been there. Not only after a break up, since everyone has at least one person they don’t like or had a so called beef with. There are plenty of great songs to get in the revenge mood and just let it all go. One day I will do my 10 ten compilation, but today I want to write about songs, that helped me overcome my recent problem. Broken heart, humiliation, losing a friend. Call it however you want. What’s important is the pain it caused.

It all started with Give, a third single promoting You me at Six’s new album Night people. For couple of days I was listening to it on the loop. A rock ballad with simple, yet beautiful lyrics.

It’s been a day
It’s felt like an age
Since I have seen you
A face to face so we can say what we need to



Second phase was ruled by Plus One. It’s not totally aggressive, but it has a point.

I’ll come of age
In this town on this day
The wrong time, the wrong place
To say this to your face


For a short period of time I was also mixing Plus One and Night people. It’s really catchy and has a hypnotizing music video, but it’s not my favorite yet.


In a perfect moment (for me) You me at six debuted their fourth single Swear. This one definitely take place in my heart and top ten. Music video has no specific story line, but the song itself does all the work.

I swear
I don’t really wanna talk it out
This life is a battle ground
Who really wants to hear the sound that comes out of your mouth?


And I swear, swear, swear you don’t own me

On November 22 the band posted their new album Night people will be released January 6 2017, a week earlier than announced.


Morgan Joanel


Going back to 2011 I remember getting to know this extraordinary girl from Australia. At first I followed her fashion blog, thinking it will be just an inspiration (I really like her style and it was not yet the time, when all the girls were fashion bloggers). We started to be friends on Facebook and I got the chance to see everything she’s done. She’s not just a fashion freak, she’s a musician, a great one I might add.

Here’s how she’s introducing herself

I’m a singer and musician first up and since I’ve been on this journey I’ve been lucky enough to get into fashion design and explore my love of art.
I grew up in Perth, Western Australia but now live in Sydney.
I play lots of live gigs and have some music on iTunes.

Morgan released her latest single called Fire just a week ago, so I’ve decided to introduce her art to you. Her music is clear and calm, her voice powerful, inspiring, beautiful.


Here you can find Morgans official site:


You can find her music on iTunes and Bandcamp:

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You can find and follow her on all the social media:





I’m leaving you with Morgans great music (I fell in love with her Devil’s in the details music video).



Royal Blood


After a long break I’m back, so I’ve decided to cherish this moment and write about a band, that got me at the first sight. Royal Blood. They truly are amazing. For all of you, who does not yet know them, well, listen to their work. It’s priceless. A masterpiece. I could talk about how much I love their debut record days, even months without a break.

It all started when I first saw “Little Monster” on MTV Rocks. It immediately caught eye, a simple video and such catchy song. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not one of those songs you hear once and than can’t get them out of your head for days, hating them more and more every minute. No, “Little Monster” is one of those songs you can’t get enough of.

Than I got my hands on the whole record and I fell in love once again. It’s the first time I actually AM in love with the whole album, without an exception. That’s why I’ve decided buy myself a ticket and see Royal Blood live. Let me tell you something. I am not surprised they got 3 nominations for Brit Awards. I am still a bit lost in the reality after the concert. And a bit upset I can’t see them everyday. It was really special. And I once again fell in love with this amazing band.

I leave you with some samples, but make sure, you check their album. Enjoy.