Diplo – Get It Right (Feat. Mø)

Mø and Diplo have done it yet again, collaborating on a possible radio hit, which we will be soon tired of. With simple yet strong lyrics (nothing any female body part related) and easy to remember beat, they are going strong.

The song itself was released a month ago, with an official lyric video. was slowly building up the tension and finally, we can watch her and Diplo dancing their hearts out in a beautiful ballroom.

Get it right music video out now!! Learning a 3 minutes choreography wasn’t easy but I TELL u it was fun!! Shout out diplo for coming up with this epic idea (psssst – we did good!!) and for all the good times + great music we have made over the last 5 years! Luv u ❣️

It does look pretty similar to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out loud”, without the romantic touch. Which suits me better, to be honest.


The wombats – “Lemon to Knife Fight”

As I am hopefully back to life, The Wombats came back with their first official single from their 5th studio album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life. Lemon to a knife fight is truly and so The Wombats, creative lyrics meet catchy beat, circling in ones mind for hours.

The Wombats likes to show their faces in their music videos, this time around they appear briefly, opening and closing a very bizarre video for Lemon to Knife Fight. It starts with a kidnapper and his victim, driving to the woods to meet the victims fate. As per usual, there’s a dark twist, giving the victim a fair advantage against the kidnapper. It’s not a superhero kind of situation, but it’s worth watching.

Starting strong, we can only wait and see, if Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life will be as good or even better as the single and ones that came before.

Royal Blood – “How Did We Get So Dark?”

Royal Blood released a new video for How Did We Get So Dark almost 2 days ago, with 146 689 views so far, which their started teasing a week before the premiere, with short videos and missing/wanted/join us posters:

It is a perfect combination of dark, melodic, fluffy and straight fucked up. Truly Royal Blood. It’s full of white rabbits, not falling off the speeding cars, nor getting killed by raging bullets. Check it out, it’s worth it.


Kodaline – Ready to Change

On Friday, the 13th Kodaline released new music video, the first single from their new EP I Wouldn’t Be. You can find it on Spotify and iTunes.

Ready to Change is lyrically a bittersweet song, with a pretty clear chorus.

You can stand on the edge shouting out that you’re ready to change
You can say what you want
You won’t jump, you’re not ready to change, ready to change

The music video is perfectly paired with the lyrics. It tells a story of a Zoo worker, who’s afraid of talking to humans, connecting with animals instead. He ends up being a love interest of a new co-worker. Four-minute-video is filled with adorable animals, a love triangle and heartwarming ending, as we learn, no matter who you are and how hard it is to connect, we all can be happy, if we want it bad enough.

The video was shot entirely in Fota Wildlife Park in Cork, Ireland, featuring not only the animal residents, but also staff members as extras. The location fees were donated to Red Panda Forest Guardian Project in Nepal.



For all MM fans, who were secretly crossing out days in their diary, but acting like it never bothered them to wait so long for a new album (obviously talking about myself here), we can finally breath deeply, as the new album is right around the corner and we can enjoy autumn in it’s fullest. What better way to celebrate the excitement of upcoming Halloween, than with a new single and record by yours truly, Marilyn Manson.

WE KNOW WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE is not just an obnoxious way to name a song in all caps, but also a way to express yourself, isn’t it? Like you were not thinking it a million times every day? Exactly.

Music video has a American Horror Story vibe, except you won’t see clowns, but sexy nuns. And I really mean sexy nuns, stripper high heels and latex, accompanied by usual violence. It’s something you need to see for yourselves. Go on, off you go.


Taylor Swift – “Look What You Made Me Do”

Taylor Swift, you can love her or you can hate her. I was usually in the second group. Hate is a strong word, but I was always seeing her as a girl next door kinda wannabe. She’s sexy, she’s strong, she can put a good act. But she was always putting it on the side. I like some of her songs, especially Bad Blood, for which I was sold after the first chorus.


Her new music video was highly anticipated, following the controversial (not for her, this time) court appearance and some former issues with other celebrities (you know who I’m talking about). Of course, Taylor decided to make us all know, how she feels about the whole drama circulating around her, revealing the title of her new song, Look What You Made Me Do, showing it for the first time during last nights Video Music Awards. Seeing it today, I can only say, I love it, love it, love it.


Taylor is mocking herself and others, using all knows images of hers, putting “Old Taylor is dead” straight forward. The song is catchy, edgy, lyrically perfect. She starts off with the Out Of The Woods image, finishing with phrases used against her. Funny, yet eye opening, how fame can destroy someone, even if, on the outside, everything seems OK.

Check the video and enjoy new era of Taylor Swift.


Thirty Seconds To Mars – “Walk On Water”

After 4 long years of patience, few weeks of intense teasing and few billions soon Thirty Seconds To Mars released new song Walk On Water, single for an upcoming album, which is still in a making process.


Walk On Water is a well thought song, with strong lyrics and a memorable chorus. Thirty Seconds To Mars are known for their creativity, this time is no different. They used videos submitted and recorded on July 4th, showing USA on the most memorable day of the year.


Kitty in a Casket – “White Lies”

Kitty in a Casket is an Austrian band, formed in 2008, with 5 albums put out and 6th on the way. Until now they were categorized as punk rock/rock’n’roll band with psycho-billy influences, which is not my cup of tea. And so I won’t discuss the early work of Kitty in a Casket.

White lies is a song promoting the upcoming album of the band, RISE!, to be released on August 18th. Change in style and a cleaner approach to band’s looks is pleasant to watch and hear. In comparison to their early material and singles, this record could bring them to the next level.

Lyrics are crucial to me, when listening to a song for the first time. If a song is vague (Despacito… you know where I’m coming from with this one), there’s not much to take out of it. White lies has an interesting approach and some clever rhymes in an aa, bb formation, adding a refreshing way of constructing lyrics, popping out once in a while.

There is a moment just before the chorus, which oddly sounds like Paramore’s Decode. Kitty’s voice is still circling around the safe area, not taking too much risk. I would like to hear her singing a ballad, to really see what she can do with her voice. For now, I will leave the fresh material here, for all of you to check it out and get your own opinion.

For more from Kitty in a Casket click here.


Nothing More – Go To War

About a week ago I came across a song called Go To War, by Nothing More on Spotify. To be completely honest, maybe it was curiosity, or maybe the rhyme, but I gave them a shot and until now I can’t take this song out of my head.

What is really amazing in our times, you can find new music thinking, it’s a completely new band, but in reality it’s been out there for years. The same happened to me with Nothing More. I immediately fell for the dramatic vocals and sound compilation of Go To War and was amazed by the “debut song” only to discover, Nothing more was formed in 2003, with 5 albums out and 6th to be released in September. How stupid do I feel right now? You can imagine.


Go To War will work for everybody, who likes dramatic, well managed vocals, with hitting high and low pitches with precision. Instrumentally I can’t say a bad word, it’s a well composed song.

Concept for the video is basically a bar concert, with a not so well behaved audience, people fighting, throwing bottles, breaking chairs. The whole scenario is compatible with Go To War‘s lyrics and meaning. The only element of the video, I can’t really get, is a politician’s speech played in TV. It reminds me of Bastille video for Fake it.

You can find Nothing More on:



Rebellious Spirit – “Devil In Me”

Rebellious Spirit is a German band I got to know through the power of Facebook and Echelon groups (30 Seconds to Mars fan base). They are about to release their 3rd album, called New Horizons. April 21st Rebellious Spirit released their new single, Devil In Me.

I am a fan of hard music and unique vocals, in this aspect, Jannik Fisher, lead vocals, creates a perfect mix of dramatic and innocent.

And as much as I really like their old songs, ex. In my dreams, a rock ballad with a subtle, yet powerful music video, I can’t really say the same about Devil In Me.


The choice Rebellious Spirit made for their video was based on the comeback of comic books and the noise around Suicide Squad, and on the portrait of the Joker himself. The only problem is, they went to far. Unfortunately, trying to recreate Jared Leto’s Joker turned into a caricature of the famous villain. Devil In Me is also really similar to Purple Lamborghini, one of the singles promoting the movie Suicide Squad, recorded by Skrillex and Rick Ross, starring none other, than Jared Leto as Joker, full costume and make up.

Where you can find Rebellious Spirit: