Ed Sheeran – “Galway Girl”

Ed Sheeran’s new video for “Galway Girl” was released today and it’s worth every second of it. Not only is the song catchy, but the video is adorably funny.

The video starts from Ed coming out of the stage, with a change of perspective we watch the story with Ed’s eyes. Sort of. With a tour around bars in lovely Galway, followed by no other than Saoirse Ronan (with a bleached blonde hair and edgy look), drinking and dancing, and trouble making.


While shooting Ed was not only focused on the video, he greeted fans, took selfies and gave autographs. Not to forget, he also got a new tattoo.


“When we were filming it I meant to get a tattoo of her handwriting saying ‘Galway Girl’ from her point of view. “It actually says ‘Galway Grill’. G-R-I-L-L. She really took the piss out of me – full on.”

image (1)

“Galway Girl” is also starring Tommy Tiernan, Hector Ó hEochagáin and Laurence Kinlan.


Paramore – “Hard Times”

After 3 years of waiting and constant teasing Paramore released the single Hard Times, promoting the upcoming album After Laughter.


Paramore opened a new chapter of their lives, followed by big changes, professionally and privately. But their music was always top-notch. After Ain’t it fun became the band’s highest charting song in the US and a winner for Best Rock Song at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, Paramore made a good call releasing a song in the same convention.

Hayley Williams ditched her signature look for blond hair, bringing a glimpse of old school to the new video. We can also see Zac Farro, as the official 3rd member of the band (once again).


The song is fun, catchy, with lyrics we all can relate to, we all had a bad day, fell off the rails and needed some help with convincing ourselves it’s all gonna be fine. It’s well paired with colorful video, neons, drawings and all kinds of effects.

After Laughter will be released on May 12th.


Kasabian “You’re In Love With a Psycho”

Kasabian has debuted a new single called You’re In Love With a Psycho on Mach 17th promoting band’s sixth album For crying out loud (release date: 5 May 2017), followed by an official music video released on March 30th.

My first impression: the song really got me going. Music is really catchy, lyrics sweet and kinda disturbing, when you think about it. I was listening it on the loop, my foot was immediately going with the rhythm. The chorus is a typical ear-worm.


But the biggest publicity for the upcoming album Kasabian gained because of their new music video. Kasabian was slammed by Mental Health Charities for ‘Outdated And Damaging Stereotypes’, as we can easily figure out, for mocking people with mental health problems. Huffington Post Entertainment published an article about it and people started responding with a well known way of getting offended. Reading the article I have the impression it’s the same level of outrage as the new Pepsi commercial. Yes, many public figures have opened about their mental health problems, but Kasabian is not using any specific names to dis mental health patients.


The video itself is full of funny and psychedelic dreams. with a twist in the end. For me it’s just an artistic vision, no pun intended. Art will always offend someone.

Dancing scene in the gym reminds me of (not LaLa Land) Kasabians “L.S.F.”. And maybe I am too far gone with in my own head, but it also resembles the “The Name Game” song scene from American Horror Story: Asylum.


Lower than Atlantis “Had enough”

Approximately two years ago I wrote about Lower than Atlantis song Here we go. That’s basically how I got to know their music. In my last post I also mentioned the fact of finding songs in an exact perfect emotional state. Had enough is one of those songs. Literally. For the last two months I’ve had enough.

Think I’ve blown a fuse
There’s blood on my knuckles
The smile on my face is fake
And the vein on my head suggests you get running

Think I’m reaching the limit
You should keep your distance
Cause I’ve had enough


MØ “Drum”

On November 11 MØ posted a video, directed to her fans in Canada and US. Bad news is, she needs to postpone the tour till next year. Good news is, she’s taking the time to finish the album.

MØ didn’t stay silent for long thou, she posted a first teaser for her new music video just hours after the announcement. Three video-teasers later, November 17, MØ released the new colorful video. It starts with a message:

At first it’s piercing
Nitrous oxide, pure nature
You wanna stay up forever
But nothing in this world is yours to keep.

I’ve read somewhere, drum video is making the viewers miss summer. It’s an old metaphor for love, quick, unpredictable, ending with the last sundown.


The song is light, kinda filling with hope after a break up. Not a typical revenge break up song thou. But I like it either way.


Panic at the Disco “LA Devotee”

Almost a year before the the release of Death of the Bachelor (January 15, 2016), the world got to know five new songs by Panic at the Disco. LA Devotee was the first promotional single, released worldwide on November 26 2015, making it the last sneak peak before the album premiere. And I have to say, this is by far one of my favorite songs from this album.


The song’s inspiration derives from Urie’s passion for the city of Los Angeles and is about someone who has fallen in love with L.A. and will stop at nothing to survive and succeed in the city.

I’m sensing this years trend with occultism, possession and shit scary stories in music following the popular/new TV series. I’m talking specifically about American Horror Story, Salem, Stranger Things and Dead of Summer.

Picture of a demon was previously used by Brandon more than a year ago in Emperor’s New Clothes, released on September 1, 2015.


Biffy Clyro “Howl”

Long awaited record of Scottish trio is finally out, they teased all fans with good new music and I will write a separate review of the Ellipsis album, but today let’s focus on the third single called Howl.

The video had its premiere on August 4th and it’s a simple, yet fun graphic for the music. Candy coated psychedelic picture of the trio sitting in a bar, drinking, smoking, basically doing let’s call it adult stuff and being pictured as different side characters. It reminds me of the American horror story Hotel and scenes from Hotel Cortez.

Howl is one of my favorite songs on the album, energetic, great lyrics, perfect.


Panic! At the Disco “Hallelujah”

Today’s great premiere of Panic! At the Disco’s new single Hallelujah got me caught up on listening and watching it for hours. Try it once and you gonna do the same, promise.


First lets talk about the lyrics. Brendon is married, so he knows what he’s talking about. Leaving is easy when you screw things up, but love is not some fairy tale with a dreamy ending.

I was drunk and it didn’t mean a thing
Stop thinking about
The bullets from my mouth
I love the things you hate about yourself

And the video? A tetris alike castle full of labyrinths and moving floors. It perfectly suits the lyrics, as it shows the truth, that it’s always hard to try again and overcome your fears. Especially when it comes to relationships.

No one wants you when you have no heart and
I’m sitting pretty in my brand new scars and
You’ll never know if you don’t ever try again
So let’s try


Sia “Elastic Heart”


Reading about all the pedophilia allegations against Shia LaBeouf after the premiere of Sia’s “Elastic heart” music video I was a bit skeptic and haven’t watched it ’till today. I knew the song for a while now, it immediately got me. Finally I’ve decided to watch the infamous video and I gotta admit, like the song, it totally got me.

Beautiful and strong lyrics caught in a interesting dance video – that’s innovative. All I see in this choreography is a growing love between two damaged people (don’t get me wrong, Shia’s 28, while Maddy’s only 12. They both are great actors). The end of this story is both inspiring and sad. It’s worth to fight, but sometimes you have to let go.


Selena Gomez “The heart wants what it wants”


This song has it’s days and I was trying to avoid it. Don’t really know why. You can only imagine my surprised face, when I’ve finally heard it. At first I was like “Ok, another sad song about The Biebs… Girl, move on.” But I gotta admit, it’s pretty good. It’s catchy, not gonna stay in my head for days and that’s exactly what I like about it.

Selena is actually showing her vulnerability, her weakest side.