Diplo – Get It Right (Feat. Mø)

Mø and Diplo have done it yet again, collaborating on a possible radio hit, which we will be soon tired of. With simple yet strong lyrics (nothing any female body part related) and easy to remember beat, they are going strong.

The song itself was released a month ago, with an official lyric video. was slowly building up the tension and finally, we can watch her and Diplo dancing their hearts out in a beautiful ballroom.

Get it right music video out now!! Learning a 3 minutes choreography wasn’t easy but I TELL u it was fun!! Shout out diplo for coming up with this epic idea (psssst – we did good!!) and for all the good times + great music we have made over the last 5 years! Luv u ❣️

It does look pretty similar to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out loud”, without the romantic touch. Which suits me better, to be honest.