Lower than Atlantis “Had enough”

Approximately two years ago I wrote about Lower than Atlantis song Here we go. That’s basically how I got to know their music. In my last post I also mentioned the fact of finding songs in an exact perfect emotional state. Had enough is one of those songs. Literally. For the last two months I’ve had enough.

Think I’ve blown a fuse
There’s blood on my knuckles
The smile on my face is fake
And the vein on my head suggests you get running

Think I’m reaching the limit
You should keep your distance
Cause I’ve had enough


Panic at the Disco “LA Devotee”

Almost a year before the the release of Death of the Bachelor (January 15, 2016), the world got to know five new songs by Panic at the Disco. LA Devotee was the first promotional single, released worldwide on November 26 2015, making it the last sneak peak before the album premiere. And I have to say, this is by far one of my favorite songs from this album.


The song’s inspiration derives from Urie’s passion for the city of Los Angeles and is about someone who has fallen in love with L.A. and will stop at nothing to survive and succeed in the city.

I’m sensing this years trend with occultism, possession and shit scary stories in music following the popular/new TV series. I’m talking specifically about American Horror Story, Salem, Stranger Things and Dead of Summer.

Picture of a demon was previously used by Brandon more than a year ago in Emperor’s New Clothes, released on September 1, 2015.


Biffy Clyro “Howl”

Long awaited record of Scottish trio is finally out, they teased all fans with good new music and I will write a separate review of the Ellipsis album, but today let’s focus on the third single called Howl.

The video had its premiere on August 4th and it’s a simple, yet fun graphic for the music. Candy coated psychedelic picture of the trio sitting in a bar, drinking, smoking, basically doing let’s call it adult stuff and being pictured as different side characters. It reminds me of the American horror story Hotel and scenes from Hotel Cortez.

Howl is one of my favorite songs on the album, energetic, great lyrics, perfect.


Lower than Atlantis “Here we go”


For those, who know more than one song recorded by Lower than Atlantis, please don’t judge me. Yes I was indeed living under a rock for those past few weeks. But today I’ve heard “Here we go” for the first time and yeah, just after few seconds I fell for it.

Furthermore I love the simple music video.  I leave you with it, enjoy.


Avril Lavigne “Hello Kitty”


I usually leave songs of a shitty kind alone and just bury them deep into my memory (like “Let me take a selfie”), but this time I have to make a statement.

For all those of you, who remembers Avril Lavigne as a rebellious young woman with meaningful songs, well, she’s different now. And I’m not talking about her appearance. Her latest song, called “Hello Kitty” is a mix of pop and light dubstep. And if the title wasn’t enough and you still want to watch the video, well, brace yourselves. Lyrics are pretty dumb, as for the video, Avril is acting like a stereotypical Kawaii-girl, there’s pink everywhere. It’s kinda like Gwen Stefanis video for “What you waiting for”, with four Japanese girls, but is in other category of music videos. It’s bad, like really bad. I still can’t believe I actually watched it.

For those of you, who will watch it – hope you’ll recover soon, and for those, who don’t – it’s nothing you can’t live without.