Ed Sheeran “Thinking Out Loud”


Today was a busy, stressful day and what do I find when I get home? A brand new, still warm music video for none other that Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out loud”. This is by far one of my favorites tunes by this young by very talented British Singer. And he did it once again, not only making a great song with deep lyrics, but combining them with a simple, yet beautiful video.

Those of you, who at least once saw Ed’s previous videos, like “Lego House”, “Give me love” or “Sing”, know, that Ed appears in all of them just for some seconds. But not this time, ladies! Yes, you got it all right. In this particular video we can see Ed’s another hidden talent, he’s dancing the modern jazz choreography with a gorgeous brunette. All 4 minutes and 49 seconds. And it’s priceless.

Take a look, I’m definitely going to see it all over again. (And again, and again…)


Listening to old albums got me thinking about the greatest songs, that I ever heard from a particular artist or a band. It’s time to start the 10 Ten series, so relax with a cup of coffee and come with me down the memory lane. Episode one: Paramore!

Number 10


Number 9

My heart

Number 8


Number 7


Number 6


Number 5

Misery Business

Number 4

All I wanted

Number 3


Number 2

Brick by boring brick

Number 1


The Cab “Lock me up”


Just after 4 days, since fans of The Cab had to say goodbye to Alex Marshall (he made a statement about leaving on bands official facebook page), musicians released new material. And it’s not just a free song, but whole new EP called “Lock me up”.

It contains five songs, that not accidentally tell a story of love. (How much can you tell in five songs, you ask? Well, see for yourself.)

On the EP you’ll find:

1. Lock me up

It always starts with flirtation we all enjoy. Innocent and funny chats, smiles, kisses… Yeah, we all know it.

2. Moon

We leave the phase of innocent flirting, being in a perfect relationship, where nothing can destroy you.

3. Numbers

My whole life, I’ve been waiting; never found a love like you” – is there really a need to say, what this song’s about?

4. Stand up

Our relationship hits the rock bottom, we realize it’s not that perfect anymore and decide to go away.

5. These are the lies

The hardest part for everyone is to heal and let go. The last part is basically showing, we’ve moved on, but deep inside we’re still thinking of our ex. “I don’t think about you”, “I’m fine without you” and all bunch of other crappy lies we’re selling ourselves are a great picture of our post-breakup image.

And here on buzznet you can find a great only GIF review of “Lock me up” made by Keltie Knight.

I like records, that are consistent and have a certain background, songs built a story, you can relate to. And this EP is definitely one of those records. I can’t stop listening to it and wait for the whole album, which, according to guys, should be released this summer.

You can hear the EP on spotify and buy it on iTunes.


Travis McCoy “Keep on keeping on” ft. Brendon Urie


On March 24. Travis McCoy, Gym Class Heroes lead singer, released a new music video for “Keep on keeping on” featuring none other than Panic! At the Disco leader, Brendon Urie.  And it was huge. The internet just went crazy for a day.

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