Tokio Hotel “Kings of Suburbia”


Today’s post will be compatible with the mood I am currently in and the record I’m obsessed with. Well, one of two records actually, but one step at a time.


I’ve been a (huge) fan of Tokio Hotel, as I was growing up, their music helped me on so many levels. When they announced a short break, I thought, OK, no biggie, they’ll be back with something new before I know it. But the hiatus lasted 5 years. I was a bit angry, a bit disappointed and finally gave up hope completely. When they actually recorded a whole new album, I was scared to listen to it. Maybe I wanted to believe, they left me, when I needed them, like old friends or loved ones. I was scared, because I knew, they will make me feel like this sad little girl I once was. But when I pressed play for the first time, I was somewhere I’ve never been before. Somewhere I felt safe, where I could cry my broken heart out, heal it and be back on my feet again. It’s mature, sophisticated and the electro-elements match vocal and instruments, creating this special sound. I can safely say, it’s their best record so far.

As for my top 5 songs from this album:

Stormy weather

Run run run

Great day


The Heart Get No Sleep