For all MM fans, who were secretly crossing out days in their diary, but acting like it never bothered them to wait so long for a new album (obviously talking about myself here), we can finally breath deeply, as the new album is right around the corner and we can enjoy autumn in it’s fullest. What better way to celebrate the excitement of upcoming Halloween, than with a new single and record by yours truly, Marilyn Manson.

WE KNOW WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE is not just an obnoxious way to name a song in all caps, but also a way to express yourself, isn’t it? Like you were not thinking it a million times every day? Exactly.

Music video has a American Horror Story vibe, except you won’t see clowns, but sexy nuns. And I really mean sexy nuns, stripper high heels and latex, accompanied by usual violence. It’s something you need to see for yourselves. Go on, off you go.


Nothing More – Go To War

About a week ago I came across a song called Go To War, by Nothing More on Spotify. To be completely honest, maybe it was curiosity, or maybe the rhyme, but I gave them a shot and until now I can’t take this song out of my head.

What is really amazing in our times, you can find new music thinking, it’s a completely new band, but in reality it’s been out there for years. The same happened to me with Nothing More. I immediately fell for the dramatic vocals and sound compilation of Go To War and was amazed by the “debut song” only to discover, Nothing more was formed in 2003, with 5 albums out and 6th to be released in September. How stupid do I feel right now? You can imagine.


Go To War will work for everybody, who likes dramatic, well managed vocals, with hitting high and low pitches with precision. Instrumentally I can’t say a bad word, it’s a well composed song.

Concept for the video is basically a bar concert, with a not so well behaved audience, people fighting, throwing bottles, breaking chairs. The whole scenario is compatible with Go To War‘s lyrics and meaning. The only element of the video, I can’t really get, is a politician’s speech played in TV. It reminds me of Bastille video for Fake it.

You can find Nothing More on:



Lower than Atlantis “Had enough”

Approximately two years ago I wrote about Lower than Atlantis song Here we go. That’s basically how I got to know their music. In my last post I also mentioned the fact of finding songs in an exact perfect emotional state. Had enough is one of those songs. Literally. For the last two months I’ve had enough.

Think I’ve blown a fuse
There’s blood on my knuckles
The smile on my face is fake
And the vein on my head suggests you get running

Think I’m reaching the limit
You should keep your distance
Cause I’ve had enough


Sia “Elastic Heart”


Reading about all the pedophilia allegations against Shia LaBeouf after the premiere of Sia’s “Elastic heart” music video I was a bit skeptic and haven’t watched it ’till today. I knew the song for a while now, it immediately got me. Finally I’ve decided to watch the infamous video and I gotta admit, like the song, it totally got me.

Beautiful and strong lyrics caught in a interesting dance video – that’s innovative. All I see in this choreography is a growing love between two damaged people (don’t get me wrong, Shia’s 28, while Maddy’s only 12. They both are great actors). The end of this story is both inspiring and sad. It’s worth to fight, but sometimes you have to let go.


Travis McCoy “Keep on keeping on” ft. Brendon Urie


On March 24. Travis McCoy, Gym Class Heroes lead singer, released a new music video for “Keep on keeping on” featuring none other than Panic! At the Disco leader, Brendon Urie.  And it was huge. The internet just went crazy for a day.

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