From First to Last

From First to Last is back with new music and a guest appearance fans were waiting for – Skrillex. Yes, you heard it, the rumors are true and we can finally hear the result of collaboration.

For those who have no vague idea, what I’m talking about, From First to last is an American rock/post-hardcore band. They debuted in 2003 with their first EP titled Aesthetic, with Phillip Reardon, founding member and lead vocalist. Reardon left the band a year later and was replaced by Sonny Moore, releasing Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count in 2004 and Heroine in 2006. Sonny left the band in February 2007 to pursue his solo project as Skrillex.


From First to Lasts forth and fifth album: From First to Last (2008) and Throne to the Wolves (2010) were recorded with Matt Good as lead vocalist. July 28th 2010 the band entered a hiatus.


After a 3-year break the band reformed and launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the recording of a new EP. Band surprised their fans with a new LP instead of EP, on January 13th 2015 From First to Last released their fifth album Dead Trees with Spencer Sotelo as lead vocalist. This record contains 11 new songs and 3 bonus tracks, remakes of all time favorites: Note to SelfRide the Wings of Pestilence and The Latest Plague.


In December 2014 Matt Good partially confirmed the collaboration with Sonny in an interview, but fans still didn’t know in what form and when. Late last year rumors of Skrillex returning to From First to Last started surfacing. On a video shared by Alternative Press we can clearly see and hear it. Finally yesterday, From First to Last released their new song Make War, followed by Skrillex himself publishing the news on his page.


Where to find Make War:



Panic! At the Disco “Hallelujah”

Today’s great premiere of Panic! At the Disco’s new single Hallelujah got me caught up on listening and watching it for hours. Try it once and you gonna do the same, promise.


First lets talk about the lyrics. Brendon is married, so he knows what he’s talking about. Leaving is easy when you screw things up, but love is not some fairy tale with a dreamy ending.

I was drunk and it didn’t mean a thing
Stop thinking about
The bullets from my mouth
I love the things you hate about yourself

And the video? A tetris alike castle full of labyrinths and moving floors. It perfectly suits the lyrics, as it shows the truth, that it’s always hard to try again and overcome your fears. Especially when it comes to relationships.

No one wants you when you have no heart and
I’m sitting pretty in my brand new scars and
You’ll never know if you don’t ever try again
So let’s try