Paramore – “Hard Times”

After 3 years of waiting and constant teasing Paramore released the single Hard Times, promoting the upcoming album After Laughter.


Paramore opened a new chapter of their lives, followed by big changes, professionally and privately. But their music was always top-notch. After Ain’t it fun became the band’s highest charting song in the US and a winner for Best Rock Song at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, Paramore made a good call releasing a song in the same convention.

Hayley Williams ditched her signature look for blond hair, bringing a glimpse of old school to the new video. We can also see Zac Farro, as the official 3rd member of the band (once again).


The song is fun, catchy, with lyrics we all can relate to, we all had a bad day, fell off the rails and needed some help with convincing ourselves it’s all gonna be fine. It’s well paired with colorful video, neons, drawings and all kinds of effects.

After Laughter will be released on May 12th.



Listening to old albums got me thinking about the greatest songs, that I ever heard from a particular artist or a band. It’s time to start the 10 Ten series, so relax with a cup of coffee and come with me down the memory lane. Episode one: Paramore!

Number 10


Number 9

My heart

Number 8


Number 7


Number 6


Number 5

Misery Business

Number 4

All I wanted

Number 3


Number 2

Brick by boring brick

Number 1


“(We were) Born for this”


For all those of you, who has no twitter/or simply doesn’t use it as often, Paramore fans, known as Parawhores started a Riot!

It all began when Justin Bieber (yes, I said it!) released a new song (it’s a full track, not a sneak peek) called ‘We were born for this” on his twitter account on April 28, along with an image the singer used to promote his new song. “So, what’s the big deal?” I was (and probably many of you were) asking myself. To answer that particular question we need to go back to 2007.

I you look closely on the track-list of Paramores Riot! from 2007, you’ll see the track called “Born for this”, that includes exact lines “We were born for this”. Naturally, it’s not enough to make a trending topic on twitter, so we need to go deeper.

The Riot!‘s cover (right) and the promotional pic of JB’s song (left) are eerily similar.


We need to be realistic, everyone gets inspired by someone else, it doesn’t matter who they are, or what they do. And, for the record, Paramores Riot! album cover (left) looks similar to Rock steady by No doubt (center), so does Demi Lovatos debut Don’t forget cover (right).


The real riot starts now, as it turns out, that the image Bieber used to promote his brand new song, was in fact a fan art, made by one of Parawhores back in 2011. And the  quickly turned into trending topic.


So how did Paramore responded?


And Hayley, well she’s just being Hayley.


There you go, the mystery’s solved. Sherlock’s out!