Rebellious Spirit – “Devil In Me”

Rebellious Spirit is a German band I got to know through the power of Facebook and Echelon groups (30 Seconds to Mars fan base). They are about to release their 3rd album, called New Horizons. April 21st Rebellious Spirit released their new single, Devil In Me.

I am a fan of hard music and unique vocals, in this aspect, Jannik Fisher, lead vocals, creates a perfect mix of dramatic and innocent.

And as much as I really like their old songs, ex. In my dreams, a rock ballad with a subtle, yet powerful music video, I can’t really say the same about Devil In Me.


The choice Rebellious Spirit made for their video was based on the comeback of comic books and the noise around Suicide Squad, and on the portrait of the Joker himself. The only problem is, they went to far. Unfortunately, trying to recreate Jared Leto’s Joker turned into a caricature of the famous villain. Devil In Me is also really similar to Purple Lamborghini, one of the singles promoting the movie Suicide Squad, recorded by Skrillex and Rick Ross, starring none other, than Jared Leto as Joker, full costume and make up.

Where you can find Rebellious Spirit: