Thirty Seconds To Mars – America

A very anticipated and equally as controversial new Thirty Seconds To Mars’ album is finally here. Even though Jared was promoting “America” in every way possible, I was ignoring all the videos and previews, with premeditation. For the first time I wanted to listen to the whole album, beginning to the end, not knowing more than two songs. And to be honest, I was nervous. Not because I wanted this record to be perfect, but because the guys made their fans (including me, obviously) wait for five years. And unfortunately, some not so flattering reviews and angry voices came from the die hard fans I’ve known for years. That made me nervous. But you know what they say, you won’t know, until you hear it. So I gave it a try.

I actually like it. Some tracks are not what I’ve expected them to be, some collaborations I totally didn’t expect. But all in all, it’s a pretty good record. You can jam to it, sing your heart out, dance, make love to (if you’re feeling like doing so).

I especially dig the song called “Remedy”, sang entirely by Shannon Leto, Thirty Seconds to Mars’ drummer and Jared’s brother. All this time he was hiding a beautiful voice from the world.

You can buy the album here and see them perform new and all songs all around the world.

Thirty Seconds To Mars – “Walk On Water”

After 4 long years of patience, few weeks of intense teasing and few billions soon Thirty Seconds To Mars released new song Walk On Water, single for an upcoming album, which is still in a making process.


Walk On Water is a well thought song, with strong lyrics and a memorable chorus. Thirty Seconds To Mars are known for their creativity, this time is no different. They used videos submitted and recorded on July 4th, showing USA on the most memorable day of the year.